Anthony Weeks

Is a National College Recruiter with College Planning Services. In this role, Anthony leads a team providing all aspects of recruitment in the country. This position also involves training other recruiters and college representatives of the company, meeting with educators on local, state and federal levels and conducting numerous workshops/ seminars throughout the country.


Anthony believes that the life or death of a nation relies solely on what possesses the mind of its citizens. He believes that a lack of education leads t0 a lack of self-worth, a non-existence of consciousness of community, the inability to lead in the way of innovation and productivity as a country and worse of all the inability to study on a level to fully understand the Creator of it all. Before joining College Planning Services in 2004, Anthony worked for 15 years for a diverse range of organizations, including serving as a Campus Minister on college campuses such as Florida A & M University, Florida State University and the University of South Carolina, as a Missionary to countries like Kingston, Jamaica, where he made time to teach precious orphan children how to read and write, as a Correctional Officer at the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, and assisting various private charter schools as a substitute teacher.


College Planning Services offers a wide range of programs and services, from showing families how to optimize their Expected Family Contribution (EFC), leverage college gift programs and needs/merit based scholarships and knowing the “rules” or the best ways to pay your portion of the college expenses. Anthony, along with a host of many other advocates across the country, shows individuals how making simple changes to what they do every day can save families thousands of dollars on college costs that ultimately allows for more money for things like their vacations and retirement.


Anthony has personally been responsible for sending over 3,000 students to college since he began working with College Planning Services with a graduation rate of over 94%. Many of these while referring to him as their mentor now serve as doctors, lawyers, pastors, principals, teachers, engineers and advocates for education on some other level. Anthony smiles as he states that the greatest “pay” or reward that he gets out of working in his position is when he is privileged to work with students that everyone has already deemed as failures based on the school they attend, family income or some other factors and to see these children not only graduate from high school but go on to change the world. He goes on to say this is what makes what I do so exciting and so rewarding!


Because of the high demand for information about college and the rising cost of college today, Anthony is in high demand speaking at college fairs, schools, churches, youth advocacy groups such as the Job Corps, Year Up and numerous others. He and their team of recruiters at College Planning Services are very involved in participating in events with organizations like the DeKalb County School Districts, the Georgia PTA, the Atlanta Board of Education, the Atlanta Public Schools, Students first GA, S.T.E.M. Wars and similar organizations in other places around the country.


Anthony is the product of Richland District One Public Schools in Columbia South Carolina where he is a proud graduate of W. J. Keenan High School. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Florida A & M University (Tallahassee, Florida) where he majored in Political Science and Business Administration.  Anthony is also a graduate of the Florida School of Preaching (Lakeland, Florida). He holds many other certifications for leadership and training at the Department of Juvenile Justice (Columbia, South Carolina) and also the Department of Education (Atlanta, Georgia).

To contact Anthony Weeks please email him at   or go to To arrange for a private consultation with Anthony Weeks call (800) 811-4546 Ext. 10