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Sha-Abria Williams


 I'm from Macon Georgia. I wanna be a model too because I want to be a living live canvas showcasing the artful impact of clothing. Empowering and inspiring others through the faith testimony of dreaming at any age and background of life! To uplift, the true meaning of beauty in it's most breathtaking form; a loving heart!


May my outer beauty be a reflection of my humbled soul. If I want to use it as a platform to be a beautiful start of so much more. Paying it forward and touching lives as my own life is impacted with God's amazing grace! 


Thank you! 




 I was born in Gastonia, N.C. My family is originally from Colombia. My parents came to America in search of a better life for my brother and because things weren't so great in our home country. They didn't know anything around here, everything was new to them (even the language) but they stayed and gave my brother and I a better chance at life and I want to return the favor.


I want to show my parents that what they did for us was worth every struggle they faced. I love to model, it brings out the best in me. It makes me feel great about myself. I want to move forward in modeling. I want to grow and be in magazines and maybe even on billboards. I should because I have what it takes to be a model.  I do what I'm told and I bring my own ideas too. With passion comes to power and I will put in everything I have to make not only my dream a reality but YOURS TOO...and I feel like with me we will have what it takes to get there.


Amber Jones


 I'm from Charleston, South Carolina and I want to be a model too because it has been one of my dreams since I was a little girl to model and be a role model to others. Although being the winner of the I Wanna Be A Model Too competition would be great, it is not my main focus.


I believe in my heart that I am already a winner because I have been granted the opportunity to work with Jerido Productions, and I was able to experience the amazing talents and aspirations from the upcoming models. I have met the acquaintances of young people with the same aspirations that I have, who are working hard to live their dreams. To me, that is what makes me the winner. 


Alialda Nascimento


Alialda Nascimento Primeira travessa Duque de Caxias
Caji caixa-d’água – Lauro de Freitas BA 


I  am seeking for an opportunity in the modeling world as a fresher. I am confident that my lack of experience in modeling will not hamper or stop me from flaunting my modeling skills. I am confident and raring to go and promote any type of products for clients.


Zaide Ledesma




Skylar Dowe


I’m Skylar!  I was originally born in Jamaica but came here to the U.S at a young age due to the death of my father. I was raised by his parents who are also Jamaican. They didn’t have such an easy life. They weren’t United State citizens which limited many of the things that they could do here in America. Being that they were my guardians, I experienced many of these hardships my self. Seeing their predicament and observing others, I came to the realization on how often people take life for granted. There’s beauty in every facet of life. The good times and the tough times. All that’s needed is a shift in perspective. Therefore ,IWANNABEAMODELTOO




Champagne a.k.a Sharon Terry was born and raised in Rochester, NY. She is an author, up and coming actress, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and model. She recently played Vanessa in a comedy by Unc Trent, “I’ll Drink To That”, “Living the Dream”(movie) and web series “In Between Jobs". She is also the author of the latest urban fiction release “The Goddess of Lust, Love and Infatuation Part 1”, “Blissful Lust Part 2” and Anthology “Dark Memories. She was nominated “Best Author of The Year” in the Rocawards. She was also a model for Vision Hair Salon in “The night of Elegance, Strawberry-Lit , DSE, Authentically You, Pain 2 Purpose, V Count and S.U.E., published magazines. “She also has her own health and wellness company B.O.S.S.




I was born in a city called Sellers, South Carolina but I now live in Columbia S.c. I stand at 6'1" and I am mostly known for my freckles and quiet demeanor. I love to play football, travel, meet new people and learn new things. I am currently in school for welding at Midlands Technical College. 


I wanna be a model too...because I have always been amazed at how people are able to show different sides of themselves through expression. When some people see me they ask me if I am a model and I just smile.  Modeling will give me a chance to show you another side of me. Watch out for me because I am coming! 




Jayla Wright. from Charlotte, North Carolina. I wanna be a model too because I would like the chance to be able to make a brand for myself and my well being and to create as many opportunities as I possibly can by showcasing my talents to the public and different fashion designers along the way. I also want to show people that in this day and age you can be any size and still make your dreams become a reality. The world of fashion and image is always evolving and beauty is in everyone, and once you've found it you just have to embrace it.


Tionta Witherspoon


Hello world,,  I am Mz. Vegas due to my West coast flavor but strong Cali roots. Becoming a model at the age of 20 was the best thing for me. It kept me motivated and my confidence sky high. I always loved being in front of the camera so on and off the camera, I shined bright like a diamond. Growing up in a split family was very rough. Being the middle child there was not a lot of love or  attention.


Leaving home at an early age set me on fire. I had to grow quick and learn how to become a woman that I could look up to. The road alone and the fight to live created a star. I am me; A "ROSE" built from CONCRETE and a LIGHT ready for ACTION. Follow some of my journey  on Instagram @mzvegas4life   Thank you Ms. Jerido for believing in me. 

Mz. Vegas loves ya!!!




LaToya Henry, a native New Yorker from Brooklyn. I currently live in Charlotte, NC. I am a USPS Rural Carrier. Yes, I slang mail for a living. But carrying mail is not the only thing that I want for my life. I am independent, motivated, talented, and inspiratory.


 As a plus size woman over 35, I felt a need for self- improvement. I want to spark motivation and Improvement for body positivity and inspiring growth. This hungry need is what brought me into the modeling industry. I’ve always been confident, despite the lack of embrace for plus sized women. I love to inspire.  People have recognized that my style and poise has motivated and inspired others both men and women to enhance their talents.  This prompted me to joined Juicy Body Goddess in Jan of 2018. I joined because this agency allowed juicy women to be themselves, embracing all of our curves. I’ve done volunteer work for fashion shows, training for runway walks, photoshoots, and profile development.  Networking with these wonderful people has brought me to Jerido Productions, a groundbreaking Company that’s pushing the envelope for expanding many people like me that’s self-branding.


 My brand and message to all is Pick Your Head Up! Don’t allow anyone or anything to stop you from being the best you. Everyone is a model.  So be inspired about yourself. My plan is to instill positivity, educate on what tools and resources are out there for self-development, and help others reach their best potential, no matter what profession is desired.


Carlissa Cook


Carlissa Cook, I am originally from Bennettsville, South Carolina. I currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the Spring of 2015, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina. My hobbies consist of the following: painting, drawing, cooking, playing video games, and not to forget…modeling.


My love of modeling was instilled in me during my pre-teens…thanks to my wonderful mother.

During those years, my mom noticed that I had “it”…”it” being that indescribable skill to know how to make something stand out and shine. As I became older, I noticed that I was a natural at knowing how to make an outfit POP! This ability grew through gaining experience while working at clothing stores. For example, I would pick out outfits for customers who would also compliment me on my selection for them. Meanwhile, I was also admired by the same customers for how well I looked in the outfits I wore. I’m proud to say that I’ve modeled for Charlotte Seen's Fashion Week: 

Michael Graham


Michael Graham 32 from Charlotte NC. I’m very out going but shy, very charismatic and a leader, never been a follower. Love to entertain. I’m an actor, model, music writer/producer and comedian. Everyday I’m manifesting my dreams and one day I’ll be one of the biggest entertainers!!!!

Letitia Porter


Letitia Porter a mother of 2 children and reside in Charlotte,  NC.  I've been in and out of the fashion & entertainment industry for years.  Fashion has been my love since I was a teenager and always will be!!  I feel that this has been my calling in life, but have had obstacles and fear to delay my career.  Well, I'm baaaack!!!  

Jade Cleveland


Jade Cleveland, AKA Miss Jade. In West Los Angeles, born and raise. In the city is where I spent most of my days. I’ve always wanted to model, but thought I was too short and had no clue how to start. I started playing instruments and eventually became a singer. After 16 years of singing, I realized, my height means nothing to the camera. I will have to take model pictures in my profession, so where better to start than with “I Wanna Be A Model Too!” This is my opportunity to sharpen my skills and learn new ones. I’m finally with people that have a passion for helping people and giving them a platform to shine! I’m so excited and ready to work!




Brittany is well known as Chocolate. I am a single parent of one little boy. I reside in Columbus Ga. All I wanted to do since I was a little girl was model. I have reached out to several different agencies, however, my financial situation and being a single parent has kept me from pursuing my dream. One day I received an email invitation for a model call from I Wanna Be A Model Too. I almost didn’t consider going, but something told me to go. Well as you can see, here I am. I am a model too and moving forward towards my dream. One day I hope to be ripping the runway.


Thank you for having me. Love, Chocolate


Emuye Saliya


 Emuye born on July 7, 1981, in Borena Yabello, a small town found 350 miles far from the capital city of Ethiopia. She is the 5th child for her parents. Her father and mother worked a small business until she and all her siblings graduate from college, but both, her father and her mother retired after all children graduated and started to work. Emuye attained her primary and secondary schools in Yabello, in the town she born and moved to Shashamane (a big nearest city) to study college, in 2005. She graduated in “Community Development and Leadership” from the collage.


In 2008.  Emuye worked for two international charity organizations: “Child Found Ethiopia”, and “Action Against Hunger” as a “social worker” from 2009 to 2011. At the end of 2011, she got “Diversity Visa Lottery” and came to the United States of America. She worked for different companies and business stores as a cashier since she came to the US, in 2011 to now. Emuye likes Culture, Art, Sport, and Literature. She listens to Ethiopian cultural music, watches movies, plays basketball, and try to write poems in Amharic (Ethiopian language) when she comes back/off from work. She loves to help people with whatever she can. She has a dream and wishes to study a social development field to help and support, and work for minority classes like women, elders, disabled, children, and poor people in the future. Her dream in Modeling is, “ Ethiopia doesn’t have many models that introduce the culture and traditional clothes of the people of the country as any developed countries, so if I get the chance to be a real model,  I will use the chance as a great opportunity and play my role to introduce Ethiopia’s and the rest African countries’ cultural and social blessed to the rest of the world”.

Zion Mingus 


 Zion Mingus. I am 20 years old and I’m from a small town called Hickory in North Carolina. I am a super hype, fun, and energetic person who is very passionate about entertaining people. I started modeling in 2017 and I am also a local actor/comedian. I’ve been in plays, musicals, and short films since the age of 13. My ultimate life goal is to become a professional working actor and to be considered as one of the greats.

Joshua Wilder


My name is Joshua Wilder I’m 18 years old From Decatur Ga. I WANNA BE A MODEL TOO. This generation is driven by people who want to look and act like someone else and I’ve seen enough of it. Speaking for the gentleman of this generation and past generation I want us males to be obsessed with ourselves and know we don’t have to look or act the same to fit it, but have them know we are all unique in our own way. 


Head of Sales

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Product Manager

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