Lydia Daniels 

Model Coordinator & Floor Director




Lydia Daniels, Is pursuing a career while participating in modeling.  Lydia has been dreaming of being a model since the age of 15. Lydia Daniels does  Runway modeling, Print model, commercial, hair model,  experience in film and movies. 


Lydia Daniels is now a model coordinator and Floor Director for I wanna be a model too. 




Rashaun C. Hill




Rashaun C. Hill (Marche' Minkss FB & IG) is an accomplished Makeup artist and certified lash tech from Charlotte, NC.  Shes also attended QC Makeup Academy and proudly attended West Charlotte Lions auxiliary team for 5 years. Rashaun C. Hill has been a freelance artist for the past 10 years and her involvement in the community has helped many people doing makeup work for clients for photo shoots, hair shows, birthday parties, proms, and weddings. Rashaun C. Hill passion is helping people feel good about their self and has helped put a smile on peoples faces and her asset is listening to her clients and help bring their vision to life. In 2018 Rashaun C. Hill was introduced to Mariah Marie Jerido CEO/Founder of the company Jerido Productions which Is an Entertainment/ Media/Film Studio Production Company that is committed to providing entertainment for the network. 


Rashaun C. Hill loves helping all people who want to be in the entertainment industry and working with Jerido Productions was a good start to continue and farther her career and passion for people. Jerido Productions specialize in video filming, photography, and movie television all the things Rashaun C. Hill can grow with preparing people for success with enhancing their looks. Rashaun C Hill is very excited to meet the right production company. The opportunity It's like ShowTime In Paradise! Jerido Productions is now in Charlotte N.C Rashaun C. Hill;  Jerido Productions strives to bring the best out in all people getting them ready for the business in the professional world.  We do all the work, promoting and branding them to live their dreams and be models and more.

Chantayah Joseph Harris



An activist, founder, CEO of A Mother Voice, grant writer, motivational speaker, owner 24/7 a week childcare, health consultant using organic all natural products,  tax preparer, a survivor of domestic violence and ordained minister. 




We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, size, veteran status, or disability. It is our intention that all people receive excellent services. We enjoy fulfilling peoples dreams who always wanted to be all they can be in the Entertainment Industry and maximization of the audience acceptability. Not all shows and things are for everyone


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